Visitor Protocols & Early Dismissal

At Paul Public Charter School, we ensure policies and procedures are in place to monitor the safety of the students, as well as all Paul employees, when we have visitors onsite. Our aim is to welcome pre-scheduled visitors into our setting to see and share the work we are doing with the student population, whilst ensuring that we do not compromise the safety of the children and employees. Paul PCS will limit physical guests in our building as much as possible. Exceptions include:

  • Parents who need Enrollment support
  • Families for IEP/Sp. Ed. meetings
  • Contractors and vendors for building repairs and servicing 
  • Substitute teachers

General Procedures

Any visitors to the school will only gain access through the main door at the front of the building on the 8th Street, or the red building/Annex entrance on 9th Street which are both monitored by a school employee.

Visitors will be asked the purpose of the visit or whom they are coming to see and to provide identification – this identification will be validated if an employee is at all unsure. This will be done by telephoning the company/organization they represent to confirm their visit.

All visitors to Paul are required to sign-in in the visitor’s book which is kept on the desk near the door entrance to the hall. The following information will be logged:

  • Date
  • Time in
  • Time out
  • Name of visitor
  • Reason for visit

During their visit, visitors may be asked to:

  • Wear a name badge
  • Leave distractive or physically obstructive items with Security
  • Either be accompanied by an employee or remain clearly visible to an employee at all times while they are on the premises depending upon the purpose of their visit

Any visitor considered to be disruptive, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the premises and escorted off site, including during game days and non-instructive events.

If an unexpected visitor has no suitable reason to be on the premises they will not be granted access and be asked to leave. If the visitor refuses to leave, the police will then be telephoned. A record will be made of any such incidents and the principals, Director of Schools, and Director of Operations will be immediately notified.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone intending to be a more than occasional pre-arranged visitor to the campus will be required to have fingerprinted clearance and a background check.

Updated in-person policies as of Fall 2021

Main Office: The Main Office will be used for enrollment-specific needs only. Ms. Carlo and Ms. Sorto can have 2 families in their space at a given time, unless they specifically state otherwise. Families should wait in the lobby or in the chairs outside of the Main Office.

To easily arrange a visit with the Enrollment team please

Appointments and In-Person Questions: If a family member asks for a specific staff or faculty member, after making an appointment in advance, the Paul staff member will greet the family member in the lobby. Exceptions include visits from Social Worker, CFSA, Court Workers and police. In any of these instances, a school leader or Dean from the corresponding school or academy must be contacted and respond immediately.

Early Dismissal Policy (Updated September 2021)

Families, our Early Dismissal Policy has been amended to best serve the physical safety and security of all scholars, staff and faculty. Please review and remember the following:

WEEKDAY DISMISSAL (Monday-Wednesday and Fridays)

  • Scholars may not be picked-up any earlier than 2:45pm.
  • NOTE: Normal dismissal time for the Middle School begins at 3:30pm, and normal dismissal for PIHS begins at 3:45pm daily.


  • Scholars may not be picked-up any earlier than 12:45pm on Thursdays.
  • NOTE: Normal dismissal times for all schools is 1:30pm

If your child has a doctor’s appointment, he/she must be picked up by the early dismissal time. The only exceptions are the following:

  • If a child is severely sick, injured or has a medical emergency
  • Unexpected family loss or severe injury (i.e. unexpected death in family or accident in which a close family member is involved)









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