Vaccination Requirements

School Vaccination Requirements and Exemptions
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All states, the District of Columbia, and territories have vaccination requirements for children attending childcare facilities and schools. These vaccination requirements are important tools for maintaining high vaccination coverage and low rates of vaccine-preventable diseases. Exemptions from vaccination requirements may apply for some children. All students attending school in the District of Columbia must present proof of appropriately spaced immunizations annually, by the first day of school.

The Immunization of School Students Act of 1979 requires schools to verify immunization certification for all students as part of enrollment and attendance. A school shall not permit a student to attend school in-person for more than 20 school days without certification of immunization. It is now more important than ever for schools to ensure students are fully immunized for in-person attendance in order to reduce the risk of another outbreak on top of COVID-19.

School Immunization Requirements Guide

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