Title IX

“Paul Public Charter School is committed to providing a safe and outstanding learning and working environment for all stakeholders, devoid of sexual harassment…”

— including assault or any form of student to student, or staff to student sexual misconduct. Paul PCS is launching an organization-wide Title IX compliance plan. Title IX is a federal law that mandates proactive strategies for the prevention and disciplinary actions of sexual discrimination and harassment on and off public school grounds, school sponsored events or activities, and online. To read Dr. White’s and Paul PCS’ full statement on Title IX

To read the Sexual Harassment Letter  click here

Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 – School Safety Act

Legislation has passed this Act to further deter sexual harassment in school settings, specifically student on student and staff on student. Paul PCS HR has sent staff on student policies with a handbook and updated piece transmitted via email September 28, 2020.

 To read the School Safety Omnibus Amendment Act Parent Information and Training Policy click here

Family Handbook

To read, print or download our Family Handbook for everything you need to know as a Paul parent click here

Sexual Harassment Policy

Paul PCS’s policy includes requirements for preventing student sexual abuse as well as procedures for responding to allegations of student sexual abuse.This policy applies to all schools within Paul PCS and all school staff and students enrolled in Paul PCS, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All employees, contractors, and agents of the school shall adhere to this policy. The policy applies to all actions that occur between school staff and students. To read Preventing and Addressing Student Sexual Abuse by School Staff in Paul Public Charter Schools.

To read the Sexual Harassment Policy Policy click here

Title IX Coordinators

Title IX is an important step toward recognizing, responding to, and preventing sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in our world. If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Ms. Ragin (rragin@paulcharter.org) for student inquiries and Title IX inquests

Ms. Merkerson (pmerkerson@paulcharter.org) for staff information









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