504, IEP and Special Education

STUDENT SERVICES SUPPORT: Providing high-quality inclusion and special education services.

CONTACT: Rosemarie Ragin | Executive Director of Student Support Services | rragin@paulcharter.org

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Student Support Services Department at Paul Public Charter School provides students with the supports to promote success. We work to equip all students with the necessary skills to be successful in college and in life. Our team is focused on ensuring that students have support to achieve their academic goals. We provide direct services to students to alleviate barriers to learning.

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES At Paul PCS, we provide high quality support services to dramatically improve the academic outcomes for scholars with disabilities. We believe that all scholars, regardless of background or circumstance, can achieve at the highest levels. We are focused on creating partnerships with parents, families, and community members to promote scholar success.

Strategic Program Goals Students receive a quality and personalized education plan (IEP or 504) that outlines the supports Paul PCS puts in place for their academic success. We ensure that all accommodations and modifications outlined in a scholar’s plan are implemented with fidelity. Our strategic goals for scholars include:

  • Support scholars to achieve academic success
  • Prepare scholars for college and the workforce
  • Partner with families in their child’s success

Special Education Students in the Special Education program are supported by their multidisciplinary team that consists of their Case Manager, general education teachers, related service providers, parents, and other relevant school support staff.

Continuum of Special Education Services Our Special Education services combine five approaches:

  • Inclusion model
  • Resource Room
  • Sheltered Intervention
  • Self-contained
  • Related Services (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Clinical Counseling)

EL Support Services Our EL Program ensures that all English Learners (ELs) develop the linguistic,cognitive, cultural, and self-concept skills to successfully participate in the academic and social experiences at Paul and beyond. Paul PCS is committed to creating a safe and positive environment that respects, understands, and celebrates the different languages and cultures represented in our community.

Instructional Model Our EL instructional program model combines three approaches:

  • Sheltered Content Instruction
  • Inclusion Model
  • English Language Development Courses