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School Uniforms

Paul PCS seeks to ensure the best educational environment for students, fostering school unity and pride, and ensuring scholars focus solely on learning. Scholars are required to be in full uniform daily as outlined in our uniform policy.

Clubs & Activities

Paul PCS clubs and activities enable scholars to explore possibilities not available during the school day. Facilitated by dedicated teaching staff at no additional cost, our clubs and activities provide a well-structured environment for our scholars directly after school from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Clubs are generated and established from student interest. If a club is not currently being offered, a scholar can make a formal request through the SGA president or Strategic Programs Manager, Sherman Hughes at

Some of Paul PCS’s longest running clubs include National Junior Honor Society, Art Club, Cooking Club, Taekwondo and the Paul Dancers. Click here for more info about the evolving opportunities that Paul PCS will offer your child. There you will also find a schedule of Paul’s extended day clubs and resource centers.

Yondr Pouches and a “Phone-Free Environment”

During the 2018-2019 school year Paul PCS initiated a “Phone-Free” Environment. Scholars use the Yondr pouch system to ensure that they stay actively engaged in their classes all day long. Each morning students place their phones in the “Yondr” lockable case and can then unlock their cases at the end of the day. This phone-free zone is designed to draw students’ focus away from social media and toward their academic progress. Paul PCS has already seen less student conflict and improved learning since implementing this program.

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