Safe Passage Updates

What is Safe Passage?

Based on concerns around student safety, the District established the School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group to better understand and enhance safety-related policies that impact District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and Public Charter Schools (DCPCS). Learn more about Safe Passage.

Safe Passage is pedestrian student traffic control plan designed by schools, community-based organizations, and members of law enforcement, government agencies, and neighborhood volunteers. We come together, and stand at various posts to ensure that all students or all ages can travel to and from school safely.

Georgia Avenue McDonald’s Policy as of Fall 2021 🍟

Families: McDonald’s (5948 Georgia Ave NW) will not serve Paul scholars after 7:55am and will only allow 20 Scholars in at a time between 3:30-5:30pm. Our priority is the security of students including an on-time arrival in the morning and the safety of students in-and-around Paul PCS at dismissal.

Familias: McDonald’s (5948 Georgia Ave NW) no atenderΓ‘ a los estudiantes Paul despuΓ©s de las 7:55 am y solo permitirΓ‘ la entrada de 20 estudiantes a la vez entre las 3: 30-5: 30pm. Nuestra prioridad es la seguridad de los estudiantes, incluida la llegada a tiempo por la maΓ±ana, y la seguridad de los estudiantes dentro y fuera de Paul PCS a la salida.

α‰€α‰°αˆ°α‰¦α‰½-αˆ›αŠ­α‹ΆαŠ“αˆα‹΅ (5948 αŒ†αˆ­αŒ‚α‹« αŠ α‰¬ NW) ከ 7:55 am α‰ αŠ‹αˆ‹ α‹¨αŒ³α‹αˆŽαˆ΅ αˆαˆαˆ«αŠ•αŠ• αŠ α‹«αŒˆαˆˆαŒαˆαˆ αŠ₯αŠ“ α‰  3 30-30 30 መካከል α‰£αˆˆα‹ αŒŠα‹œ α‹αˆ΅αŒ₯ 20 αˆαˆαˆ«αŠ•αŠ• α‰₯ቻ α‹­αˆα‰…α‹³αˆα’ α‰…α‹΅αˆšα‹« α‹¨αˆαŠ•αˆ°αŒ α‹ α‹¨α‰°αˆ›αˆͺα‹Žα‰½ α‹°αˆ…αŠ•αŠα‰΅ αˆ›αˆˆα‹³ αˆ‹α‹­ α‰ αˆ°α‹“α‰± αˆ˜αˆαŒ£α‰΅αŠ• αŠ₯αŠ“ α‰ αŒ³α‹αˆŽαˆ΅ α’αˆ²αŠ€αˆ΅ α‹αˆ΅αŒ₯ αŠ₯αŠ“ α‰ αŠ αŠ¨α‰£α‰’α‹ α‹«αˆ‰ α‰°αˆ›αˆͺα‹Žα‰½αŠ• ከαˆ₯ራ αˆ²αˆ°αŠ“α‰ α‰± αŠα‹α’