Grading and Classes

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Your child deserves a high-quality junior high experience.
Paul Public Charter School Middle makes it easy for you to provide one! ⭐

A day in our academic life means classrooms are set up to ask “I wonder?” We have specific outcomes in mind, however we support adolescent creativity such as craft projects, single-sex mentorship circles through Paul’s Pearls and My Brother’s Keeper, and exciting clubs like E-Sports, American Sign Language, flag football – and more. We set out curriculum materials in a way that allows middle schoolers to explore what is on their minds while learning important academic concepts.

Fast Facts:

  • Our students have seven learning blocks per day
  • Each class is 54 minutes in length
  • All students begin the day with structured homeroom for campus updates, quick reviews and social skill building
  • Students will travel in cohorts – they will have the same classmates throughout the day and school year

Bell Schedule:

  • Homeroom & Breakfast: 8:00am – 8:15am
  • Transitions are 3 minutes in length scholars will transition as a class/group
  • 6th grade Lunch is 11:09-11:42pm (in classroom)
  • 7th grade and 8th grade Lunch is 12:06-12:39pm (Two different cafeterias)
  • Dismissal begins at 3:40pm (staggered by floor)
As we embark upon this school year, we expect scholars to follow our social-emotional informed “Paul Way” norms of behavior with your full cooperation and support. Scholars must remain in the class the entire time, until the teacher directs the class that it is time to transition to their next class. Parents should encourage punctuality and self-discipline while learning in-person, at home and within the larger community.


POWER SCHOOL PowerSchool is our online grading system.
For POWER SCHOOL help and troubleshooting please contact Principal Walker directly at You will need your Student ID number to login into the parent’s portal.

On PowerSchool scholars can:

  • Review grades daily
  • Check for missing assignments
  • Review assignments, assessments, etc. grades

Parents can:

  • Participate in their scholar’s progress
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Review attendance and review assignments, assessments, etc.

Promotion to the next grade level. Getting our scholars where they need to go! ✏

Paul’s promotion process ensures that students receive the support they need to succeed in the next grade level. Promotion decisions continue to be based on a holistic look at each student’s progress, with flexibility for differently abled scholars, remote learning conditions, and scholars who are English Language Learners. Paul teachers will review many pieces of student work to determine if students are ready for the next grade level. For grades 9 through 12, Paul International High School makes promotion decisions based on course credits.

Grading Guidance

  • A = 100% – 90%
  • B = 89% – 80%
  • C = 79% – 70%
  • F = 69% and below
    – Anything below 70% is failing

Middle School classes offered:

  • College and Career Curriculum
  • ELA, Math (*Algebra I)
  • Science (*Biology)
  • Social Studies
  • Electives: Computer Programming, Forensic Science, Health, Physical Education, Art, African Drumming and/or Drumline, World Language – Spanish, American Sign Language
  • Interventions: Read 180, Math 180, NTN Math, System 44, English Immersion (EL)
  • Honors Classes, including Honors Art

Middle School assessments to track progress:

  • Daily:  Exit Tickets (Mini-quizzes or quick questions/tasks to check for understanding <bulb>)
  • Weekly: Quizzes, Performance Tasks, Tests
  • Benchmark/Growth: Mid-Advisory assessment, Interim, MAP, PARCC
  • Extra help offered:
    – SMART Saturday
    – Resource Center
    – Tutoring

Daily Academic Enrichment Courses & Activities 🍎

  • High School credit bearing courses for 8th grade scholars
  • 7th and 8th grade Honors courses
  • Amazon Computer Programming for 6th graders
  • Forensic Science courses
  • One World Creative Writing Program and essay contests with prizes!
  • Single-sex mentorship circles through Paul’s Pearls and My Brother’s Keeper
    – To sign up for Paul’s Pearls please send a quick email to Dr. Neely
    – To sign up for My Brother’s Keeper please send a quick email to Dr. Clarkson

Academic Interventions for those scholar who need extra help! 👋

Read 180
Reading Intervention Program that supports scholars who read at least two years below grade level

System 44
System 44 is an adaptive program designed to help our most challenged readers master the foundational reading skills required for success. The “44” in System 44 represents the 44 sounds that the alphabet can make. They are the foundation for being a successful reader.

Math 180
Math Intervention Program that supports struggling mathematicians build confidence and and competence in mathematics. 

NTN Math
Math instructional strategies that help build mathematical concepts and build on mathematical connections

Smart Saturday
SMART (Studying Math and Reading Together) Saturday program is an academic intervention and test preparation program for scholars attending Paul PCS Middle School.

Resource Center (Homework/Tutoring Support)
Our afterschool program that provides scholars additional help with skills and concepts taught in our four content areas.