Paul Tech Help

Paul PCS provides learning technology to scholars so they can engage in online classes fully and quickly during our Virtual Learning Model. Both Paul PCS Middle and Paul International High School distribute the following materials and supplies for success:

  • Chromebook laptop with charger
  • White dry-erase board
  • Headphones
  • Agenda book
  • Fidgets

At home families should provide a consistent space for learning, in a virtual setting it’s important that scholars remain dedicated to their structured time for learning. The ability to focus on instruction during class time, uninterrupted in the day time work space requires pens, pencils, binders, paper refills as well as regular sleeping and eating routines to assist scholars with better concentration during distance learning. Families who co-parent, including scholars who spend school days at another caretaker’s home, should have a consistent work space and their school-week routine should be maintained. Ensure your child isn’t pulled away from class for household chores or non-academic work during class time or office hours.

💻Click here for our Paul PCS How-To Guide on Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and ZOOM/Google Meet!

For assistance with routine-planning and Virtual Schooling Model adjustments please connect with the following team members:

Counseling support Ms. Doppelheuer 202-304-2610

Paul PCS Tech Support Hotline

Back to School Hours (Monday, August 17, 2020 through September 4, 2020)

Monday through Friday
(202) 378-2269
If you have to leave a message, please provide the following:
– Scholar’s First Name and Last Name
– Grade Level
– Email Address
– Brief description of tech issue

🔗Click here to report a problem with your Paul Tech, make a suggestion or ask a question!

NOTE If scholars are experiencing tech issues that prevent their attendance to class a support ticket must be submitted.

Virtual Platforms

Gmail Scholars will be issued a Paul PCS email account if they are fully enrolled. Scholars will use this account to:

  • Send and receive email
  • Communicate with their teachers or administrators
  • Receive calendar invites for classes, office hours, and different events
  • The scholar email will look like this
  • PARENT CHECK: Once a day

Google Classroom Scholars use Google Classroom to:

  • Access web links for live teach-led instruction
  • See announcements from their teacher
  • Access all work assignments for the classroom
  • Submit work assignments for class
  • PARENT CHECK: Once a day

Google Calendar Scholars will use Google Calendar to:

  • Access their links for their live, teacher-led instruction classroom
  • Students will receive calendar invites that they will need to accept
  • Click the ‘TODAY’ button near the top right of the screen will give scholars access to their live classes for that date
  • PARENT CHECK: Twice a day. Preview in the morning and preview the next day at the end of the day!

ZOOM  and Google Meet Scholars will use Zoom or Google Meet to:

  • Attend their live class sessions daily
  • Attend office hours, town halls, resource center, or after school activities
  • Links to access live classes are at the top left hand corner of their assigned Google Classroom Page

ZOOM  and Google Meet Expectations:

  • Teachers will set live classroom expectations
  • Microphones should be muted unless asked to engage
  • Cameras need to be on
  • Use of chat box needs to be respectful
  • Students should sitting up-right at a hard-top surface
  • PARENT CHECK: Once a day


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday
Classes Begin: 8:00am

Tardy by:  8:05am

Classes Begin: 8:00am

Tardy by:  8:05am

Dismissal:  4:00pm Dismissal:  12:15pm