NEW! Virtual IEP, 504 and Student Support Services

Aided education and extra help at Paul PCS Middle during the Virtual Learning Model

Student Support Services at Paul PCS are among the most diverse in the city. On any given day, you might find scholars virtually-engaged in our warm and joyful culture of intervention and support which include counseling, Extended Day Programming and Athletics, grade-level resources, specialized-small group math and reading workshops, My Brother’s Keeper, Paul Prep Program for 6th graders, SST, Saturday Academy and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The Paul PCS Virtual Model encompasses 3-4 scheduled classes each day that begin with Homeroom. The Virtual Model has a 45-minute scheduled lunch time with scheduled office hours and Virtual Clubs in the afternoon.

Paul PCS Middle’s Student Support Commitments

Paul staff, faculty and administration are dedicated to all our scholars which means a full team committed to:

  • Comprehensive academic support for our English Learners 
  • Strong partnership with families and community resources.
  • Supporting students with disabilities and unique learning needs – including IEP and 504 Plans
  • We infuse socio-emotional learning (SEL) into the academic day for all scholars

We partner with families so our scholars achieve academic and behavioral success. Our goal is to address the needs of  the whole child. We build trust through ongoing communication – it all begins with trust. Paul provides:

  • Family engagement
  • Frequent communication home
  • Parent newsletters
  • Referrals to community-based services
  • Homeless support services
  • Language services
  • Special Education Services
  • Food distribution
  • Short-term counseling

Paul’s Student Support Services have 3 tiers of interventions. The goal of SSP is to implement support for scholars in their least restrictive environment.
Tier 3: Highly individualized and targeted interventions | Tier 2: Targeted and specific interventions | Tier 1: School wide policies and interventions

Your student support services team:

IEP/504 Melanie Chavez, Student Support Coordinator

  • Compliance
  • 30 Day Reviews
  • IEP meetings
  • Implementation of plans
  • Related Services
  • Dedicated Aides
Special Education (Grades 6-8) Ms. Chavez

English Learners Leandra Gonzalez, Manager of EL Compliance and Instruction

  • Compliance
  • Academic Programming
  • Implementation of English Language Development plans
English Learner and Newcomer Support Ms. Gonzalez

IEP/504 Clinicians team | Ms. Doppelheuer, Ms. Howard and Ms. Meadows

  • Functional Behavior Assessments 
  • Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Individual and Group Counseling (telehealth)
504 Plans (Grades 6-8) Ms. Doppelheuer

Referral Process for Social, Emotional, or Behavior Support

Email: • Phone: 202-304-2610 (Some evening and weekend hours available)

Counseling Support Ms. Ragin









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