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Paul Middle School has a decade long, proven track record for providing an excellent and competitive educational experiences for its students. Our rigorous program prepares students for exciting opportunities in high school and beyond, to include international travel, high school level coursework, and diverse and unique arts programming. For years, Paul Middle School students have been the highest contenders for competitive high schools, and continue to be so as they now matriculate in Paul International High School (PIHS).

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Preparation for High School, College and Beyond

Paul Middle School prepares students for the rigors of college beginning in the sixth grade. Credit-bearing high school Algebra I and Spanish courses are offered to eighth-grade scholars, uniquely positioning them to take Advanced Placement courses as early as their sophomore year at Paul International High School (PIHS). Project-based learning and individualized class scheduling ensure that all will receive the necessary skills for success in high school and college.

Family Engagement

Paul Middle School incorporates a robust family engagement program heavily supported by a five-year partnership with the Flamboyan Foundation. Student-lead academic conferences, home visits, and a school attendance rate that is consistently over 94% are examples of the impact of our strong engagement and family commitment.

Cecile Middle Paul Prep

The Cecile Middleton Paul Prep Program (Paul Prep) is designed to provide incoming 6th-grade students a small, nurturing environment to ease the transition into middle school. Recognizing the pivotal role that 6th grade plays in a student’s middle school career, this program is designed to ensure that every scholar has the social, emotional and academic support they need.

Paul Prep Orientation

Incoming 6th-grade scholars are introduced to “The Paul Way” in an exciting three-day orientation to the culture of our schools. Students learn the bell schedule, class transitions, locker opening procedures, and middle school behavioral expectations, all while enjoying team building activities designed to develop and solidify strong friendships and a healthy learning community!

Academic Programming

“What’s our destination?” scholar-leaders ask their peers each morning. “College graduation!” is the response they receive. Paul middle School homeroom classes adopt themes each year that promote academic rigor, college readiness, and a culture of community. Topics like time-management, health & wellness, homework & test prep skills, conflict resolution are all explored during homeroom.

To enrich learning, scholars visit local museums and participate in city-wide learning tours such as “We the People Constitution Tour & Field Study” throughout their middle school years. The 6th-grade students also take on a bonding excursion to Terrapin Adventures and travel abroad through our international travel program to countries including Japan, Ghana, and Costa Rica.

Engage New York

Paul PCS employs a rigorous Common Core-aligned curriculum called Engage New York and Eureka Math. These programs are designed to equip students with the problem-solving skills necessary to thrive in a global economy. Scholars explore Science and History content through the use of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt curriculum akin to expeditionary learning models or “learning by doing.”

Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Paul PCS’s well-established Social Emotional Learning curriculum engages students in the essential skills needed for college achievement. Our core middle school academic curriculum incorporates 21st-century college readiness skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, time management, collaboration, and Problem-solving. Arts and science exploration, as well as study abroad opportunities to countries such as Ghana, Japan, and Costa Rica further prepare Paul Middle School scholars for the understanding of multiple perspectives needed to be successful in high school and college.

Student Support Services: Paul PCS provides a high level of intervention services to all levels of student need. We implement Read and Math 180 for scholars who need additional support to master grade level standards and provide multiple wrap-around services to ensure students receive comprehensive academic and social-emotional support

For more information about this program, contact Ms. Ragin, Director of Student Support Services, at rragin@paulcharter.org.

English Learners: The EL program at Paul PCS seeks to ensure that all English Learners (ELs) develop the linguistic, cognitive, cultural and self-concept skills to successfully participate in the academic and social experiences provided by Paul PCS and beyond. Paul PCS provides quality instructional language assistance to scholars who are identified as ELs. Our program model meets individual student needs and ensures that ELs are held to the same high standards as all scholars. For more information about this program, contact Ms. Gonzalez, EL Coordinator, at Igonzalez@paulcharter.org


To learn more about enrichment and extended day opportunities at Paul Middle School, follow this link!

For more information and updates on Paul PCS Middle School, please refer to the Announcement section of our website.








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