MS Behavior Specialist

Job Description


  •   Assist staff in: defining and measuring behavior; understanding principles of reinforcement; teaching new behavior; implementing strategies for weakening behavior; and identifying antecedents.
  •   Facilitate team meetings with the identified student’s teachers and parents for the purpose of completing a Functional Behavioral Assessment.
  •   Facilitate team meetings that: design Behavior interventions Plans; address classroom organization, effective instruction, social skills instruction, and ethical issues; School-wide Positive Behavioral Support; and factors that affect effectiveness including social validity and treatment integrity.
  •   Work with individual teachers, groups of teachers and/or the entire staff on issues such as: crisis intervention, learning and collaboration issues, and factors that can affect the development and implementation of interventions.
  •   Promote highly specialized positive behavior interventions in which “at risk” students thrive: behavior instruction that is explicit, intensive, accelerated and provides ample practice.
  •   Use ongoing assessments to maintain a record of student progress.
  •   Develop a repertoire of assessment strategies consistent with instructional goals, teaching methods,and individual student needs to more accurately assess student behavior skills and understandings.
  •   Regard assessment as a joint venture through which both student and teacher understanding is enhanced.
  •   Create fair and equitable assessments to assess higher-order thinking and problem solving as well as individual skills, knowledge, and understandings.
  •   Model good assessment processes that assist students in assessing their own work and behavior.
  •   Provide recognition of a variety of student accomplishments and positive behaviors.
  •   Work cooperatively with building administrators to promote positive student behavior by providing professional development that targets research, strategies and modeling of instructional practices to support teachers in their implementation of positive behavior support in their classrooms.
  •   Continually supervise students to ensure a safe, non-threatening, nurturing environment where students can thrive.
  •   Engage in on-going professional development to increase knowledge and skills of positive student behavior support for all students, targeted students and students who represent sub-group populations.
  •   Engage parents in the “student behavior intervention plan” process and empower parents by providing them with skills and techniques to support the positive behavior development of their child.
  •   Conduct conflict resolution and peer mediation sessions
  •   Review behavior referrals and data reports
  •   Consult with school social worker, counselor, administrators, and teachers
  •   Attend professional development opportunities to maintain high level of skill and knowledge of current research and practices
  •   Serve as a consultant to administrators, teachers, and parents
  •   Organize and schedule time commitments to meet demands of the job
  •   Comply with all safety policies, practices and procedures; report all unsafe activities to supervisor and/or Human Resources.
  •   Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve District, building, departmental and/or grade level goals
  •   Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge/skill


Washington, DC

Start Date



Paul Public Charter School offers a comprehensive benefits package and salary commensurate with experience. This is a full-time 11-month position.


Core Requisites:

  • HS degree/GED
  • Ability to speak Spanish preferred

  • Experience in a school setting

  • Ability to work well with targeted population students, parents, and staff.

  • Ability to analyze data to inform work and decision making, analyze and evaluate available data, assess student needs and develop and implement procedures and policies to support student achievement.

  • Belief that all students can achieve at the highest levels with no excuses

  • Ability to exercise excellent judgment in decision-making

  • Strategic thinker and proactive problem-solver

  • Embodies the highest ethical standards

  • Works independently with little direct supervision and as part of a team

Application Information

Please send a thoughtful cover letter and resume to with MS Behavior Specialist as the subject. Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered and replies will only be sent to qualified applicants.









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