High School Softball Coach

Job Description

The coach is responsible for implementing the entire program, including the rules of the sport, the policies of the Athletics and Activities Department, the rules of the PCSAA, and the rules of the DCSAA. The coach is expected to provide proper supervision of team members immediately before, during, and after practices/scrimmages and games. The coach will keep in regular contact and communication with the Director of Athletics and Activities. In addition, other duties shall include, but not limited to, completing pre and postseason inventories of equipment and uniforms, attending pre and postseason meeting as scheduled by the Director of Athletics and Activities, sending weekly reminders/updates to parents, reviewing rosters, medical forms, and parent permission forms. Also, the coach will be responsible for creating their season’s practice/ scrimmage schedule and submitting it to the Director for approval. The coach will report all game scores or event results to the Director. The coach will participate in the Department athlete award initiatives, assist student athletes interested in furthering education and athletic opportunities, reporting unsafe practice and game facilities, maintaining team and individual statistics, establishing rules of conduct and sportsmanship the team members and the coaching staff, being sure all athletes are treated equitably, and promoting the agenda of the whole school.


Washington, DC


This is a part-time position with an annual stipend of $1,800 – to be paid quarterly.


  • All candidates must be certified, or able to obtain certification, in CPR.
  • Previous coaching experience is preferred.

Selected candidates will undergo a background check.

Application Information

Email your resume and a tailored cover letter to Hamzat Saba, our Athletic Director, at [emaill]hsaba@paulcharter.org[/email]. The subject line should read “HS Softball Coach Application.” Incomplete applications will not be considered.









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