MS Dedicated Aide

Job Description

Dedicated Aide, under the direction of the Principal, Executive Director of Student Support Services, Assistant Director of Special Education, Culture and Climate Specialist and Student Support Coordinator will assist with specialized instruction and related services for students with significant academic deficits and/or emotional disorders, autism, developmental delays in one or more areas, intense behavioral challenges, multiple learning problems, and other related disorders.

The Dedicated Aide will assist their assigned student throughout the school day by making the curriculum and daily activities accessible for the student.

Major Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Assisting the student to participate in lessons, daily activities, and assessments.
  • Facilitate independent work with materials provided by teachers. 
  • Implement prescribed behavioral strategies and positive behavior support in all settings. 
  • Accompany and assist assigned student during related service sessions (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc) as needed.
  • Gather written observations and input them into a daily tracker, DeansList, Powerschool or other assigned document. 

Collaborate with Teaching Team and Special Education Team

  • Collaborate with the Case Managers, Teachers, and the Student Support Coordinator (SSC) in the planning and management of lessons and assignments that the student will be completing independently and with support. 
  • Provide regular communication about students’ development to the Case Managers, Culture & Climate Specialist, and  Student Support Coordinator.
  • Attend IEP meetings for assigned student.

Assist in Data Collection and Record Keeping

  • Participate in training  related to data collection and assessment.
  • Gather written observations and input them into a daily tracker, DeansList, Powerschool or other assigned document. 
  • Discuss observations with the Case Managers, Culture & Climate Specialist, and  Student Support Coordinator.

Distance Learning 

  • Checking with student at the start of the school day (via virtual check in)
  • Have them set up as a co teacher and a student in google classroom and other platforms 
  • Monitor virtual small spaces (break out rooms)
  • Regular Case Manager/SSC check ins to review academic, social and behavioral updates
  • Have access to passwords and information for logging into a platform (that has been assigned by teacher)


Washington, DC

Start Date



Paul Public Charter School offers a comprehensive benefits package and salary commensurate with experience. This is an hourly part-time position starting at $20/hour.


Core Requisites:

  • HS degree/GED required
  • Experience in a school setting

  • Ability to work well with targeted population students, parents, and staff.

  • Ability to analyze data to inform work and decision making, analyze and evaluate available data, assess student needs and develop and implement procedures and policies to support student achievement.

  • Belief that all students can achieve at the highest levels with no excuses

  • Ability to exercise excellent judgment in decision-making

  • Strategic thinker and proactive problem-solver

  • Embodies the highest ethical standards

  • Works independently with little direct supervision and as part of a team

Application Information

Please send a thoughtful cover letter and resume to with MS Dedicated Aide as the subject. Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered and replies will only be sent to qualified applicants.








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