IEPs and English Language Learners

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Welcome back to Paul! Let’s talk about aided education and extra help at Paul PCS Middle.

At Paul PCS, we recognize and prioritize the importance of educating the whole child. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and global education that infuses character development, social-emotional learning, and holistic student support into every scholars academic plan. The student support department is committed to serving the social, emotional, and academic support needs of all students and families on campus. The department consists of licensed mental health professionals, as well as special educators and certified school counselors, who will collaborate with you and all other school staff to meet your scholars needs. We are your advocates and your scholars success is our number one priority. We are here to serve and support you!

Student Support Services Handbook English 

Student Support Services Handbook Spanish


At Paul, we have a culture of intervention and support. We understand our students come to us with vast needs and we work with our students and families to support them. We provide additional academic support outside of class time with Saturday Academy, Math and reading intervention workshops. We also provide social emotional support through our social emotional-based curriculum, counseling model, and programs like My Brother’s Keeper, Paul’s Pearls and the Latin American Youth Center. Our culture of Intervention and Support:



  • Grade-Level Resource Center
  • Extended Day Program
  • Homework Center
  • Student Success Plan and Specialist in Student Psychology
  • Math & Reading Workshop
  • Saturday Academy
  • Counseling Model
  • My Brother’s Keeper/Paul’s Pearls
  • General Education Counseling
  • Peer Mediation Character Education Skills

Scholars who demonstrate additional needs will go through the student support process (SSP). SSP is our tiered system that identifies students based on their data, teacher’s input, and parents’ input and provides targeted support based on specific needs. This is our way of making sure your child gets exactly what they need when they need it, and the goal is to intervene early enough to close the gaps that may affect academic performance in a timely manner. Tier 1 ensures instruction is delivered in a manner that bridges gaps and allows for all learners to access the material. Tier 2 provides targeted interventions to address greater specific needs. Tier 3 is highly targeted and individualized for the few who need documented supports in addition to Tiers 1 and 2.

Student Support Process

  • Tier 3: Highly individualized and targeted interventions
  • Tier 2: Targeted and specific interventions
  • Tier 1: Differentiated and Accelerated Learning for all students
    – The goal of SSP is to implement supports to scholars in their least restrictive environment.

Counseling Support Services for Students and Families

ACADEMIC Grades, Study Skills, Transition Planning, College and Career, SSP
BEHAVIOR Short-term 1:1 Counseling, Behavior Support for Students with IEPs and 504 Plans, Consultation Services
SOCIAL EMOTIONAL Small Group Counseling, Restorative Practices, Student/Family Advocacy

The middle school years can be particularly challenging. It is a time of significant physical and emotional growth. Your scholars needs will vary, and at times, you or they may feel overwhelmed by all of the changes they experience during this period of development. Our student support services team is here to support in a number of ways. If you have any questions regarding Special Education, reach out to Ms. Chavez. If you have questions for English Learners support, Ms. Gonzalez, and our team of Clinicians who support the SPED Department with mental and behavioral needs.

Student Support Services Personnel

Student Support Coordinator

  • IEP Compliance
  • 30 Day Reviews
  • IEP / Eligibility Meetings
  • Related Services
  • Dedicated Aides

Manager of EL Compliance and Instruction

  • English Learners Compliance
  • Academic Programming
  • Implementation of English Language Development plans

MS Clinicians

  • IEP/504
  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Individual and Group Counseling

Referral Process for Social, Emotional, or Behavior Support Steps:

  1. Email, Call or Text
    Call, email or text requesting an appointment to discuss your concerns. Please include a time of the day that works best for you to meet.
  2. Reply Within 24 Hours
    You will receive a reply within 24 hours Monday-Friday scheduling a day and time for your appointment. On the weekend please give 48 hours for reply
  3. Schedule & Attend Appt.
    Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.