High School

The mission of Paul Public Charter School is to educate our students and develop within them the capacity to be responsible citizens, independent thinkers and leaders. Paul International High School (PIHS) is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality, diverse education that promotes confidence, cultural awareness, critical thinking, and agents of community change.

Paul creates a culture where students embody pride within themselves, the school and their community. Our purpose is to equip students with academic and cultural experiences that encourage students to continue to strive for excellence beyond our doors and live with the purpose of positive change within our society.


Sources for support and understanding of Paul Middle School System!

The Paul PCS high school experience provides student-scholars with a strong culture of excellence and a learning environment where teens feel safe and supported. Our goal is to ensure that each scholar receives a well-rounded education that prepares them for college and career and supports their growth through academics, arts and athletics.

Paul International High School (PIHS) prepares students to enter and succeed in college and life in a global society through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and leadership opportunities.

Our coursework engages students in active learning experiences that cultivate in them an intellectual curiosity about the world, respect for different cultures and perspectives, strong communication skills, and the drive to impact economic and social issues that affect today’s world. The success of our educational approach is evidenced by our scholars’ 100% college acceptance rate as well as by our college matriculation and persistence rates that double DC’s average!

As we continue to grow as a high school, we are excited to provide students with a challenging academic program, cultural experiences, and community service opportunities that provide a competitive edge in the college application process.

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Welcome to Paul PCS! Entering our building, understanding our daily Morning Routine ⤵


Homeroom begins the first 15 minutes of every day – be there at 7:55am. Homeroom includes:

  • Academic check-ins
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Reminders
  • Uniform checks
  • Goal-setting

Morning, Transition & Dismissal

  • Homeroom: 8:00-8:15am
  • Transitions are 3 minutes in length
  • 9th grade lunch is 12:10-12:49PM (Lower Cafeteria)
  • 10th grade lunch is 12:10-12:49PM (Upper Cafe)
  • Dismissal begins at 3:40pm (staggered by floor)

Remember Homeroom is mandatory attendance. If the student is not present, it’s considered skipping!

Standard Guidance
Only DC residents are eligible to enroll and receive a tuition-free education in the District of Columbia. Enrollment of the student in a DC Public School or public charter school must be conducted by an individual that has the authority to enroll the student, physically resides in the District, and can submit supporting residency documentation. Individuals who have the authority to enroll the student are Parent, Guardian, Custodian, Adult student, or an Other Primary Caregiver (who must meet strict requirements to qualify). To be a resident, the enrolling person must:

• Be physically present in DC; and
• Submit valid documentation of DC residency.

Valid documentation of DC Residency
The District of Columbia may use whatever legal means it has at its disposal to verify residency. Providing false information or documentation may result in the payment of retroactive tuition, withdrawal from school, and referral to the DC Office of the Attorney General for prosecution. The below chart displays valid documentation of DC residency.