Hello, Middle School!

Summertime is almost here and offering for programming for Summer 2023 at Paul Public Charter will be released soon. Continue to follow our webpage for additional updates. 

Dear prospective Paul PCS Middle School families:

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Paul Public Charter School. We are thrilled to have scholars physically back in our classrooms. Our staff eagerly awaits to witness your child’s unique laughter, energy, and enthusiasm for learning.

Paul Middle School prepares students for the rigors of college beginning in the sixth grade with our well-established Social Emotional Learning curriculum that engages students in the essential skills needed for college achievement. Additionally, our core middle school academic curriculum incorporates 21st-century college readiness skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, time management, collaboration, and problem-solving. We build from within the Ward 4 community, and also expand to globally recognized partnerships such as – Amazon. Launching in 2022, all 6th graders and 7th graders will have the opportunity to participate in Computer Science as a core course and learn how to write code.

Credit-bearing high school Spanish 1, American Sign Language, Algebra I, and Biology courses are offered to eighth-grade scholars, uniquely positioning them to take Advanced-Placement courses or qualify for dual enrollment as early as their sophomore year at Paul International High School. Project-based learning and individualized class scheduling ensure that all will receive the necessary skills for success in high school and college.

Paul Middle School incorporates a robust family engagement program heavily supported by a five-year partnership with the Flamboyan Foundation. Student-led academic conferences, home visits, and a school attendance rate that is consistently over 94% are examples of the impact of our strong engagement and family commitment. In addition, arts and science exploration and summer enrichment programming further prepare Paul PCS’s scholars for the understanding of multiple perspectives needed to be successful in college.

Familiarize yourself with the Paul Way by tuning into our MS videos below:

Ready to apply? Email the Enrollment Office at icarlo@paulcharter.org. Register TODAY! 

The Paul PCS Middle School Team

Ms. Shedrina Walker, Principal