Grading and the Virtual Learning Model

Scholars thrive when provided the opportunity to engage in meaningful lessons that enhance their understanding and deepen their critical thinking abilities. At Paul, we develop responsible citizens, independent thinkers, and leaders through our academic programming. To help your scholar “make the grade” please click here for our Parent Workshop 101: Google Classroom and ZOOM how-to guide (ENG guide) (SPA guide).

Promotion to the next grade level

In order for scholars to be promoted to the next grade level, each quarter (1/4) must be completed, equaling 25% to make up 100% for their final course grade. 

What’s Included
Categories Weights
Projects/Essays/Labs 25%
Benchmark Assessments  25%
Homework 5%
Weekly Formative Assessments  20%
Classwork 20%
Mid-Term/Final 5%

PowerSchool is our online grading system, scholars and parents can review grades daily, check for missing assignments, review assignments, assessments, and communicate with teachers. Information for the PowerSchool Parent Portal will be shared on Back to School Night in mid-September and sent home in the mail. 

Academics, Classes and Free Tutoring

College and Career Curriculum

  • ELA, Math (*Algebra I), Science (*Biology), Social Studies
  • Electives:  Performing Arts, STEM, P.E., Art, Drumming, World Language,*Spanish
  • Interventions:  Read 180, Math 180, NTN Math, Just Words, English Immersion (EL)
  • Honors Classes for 7th Grade & Honors Art for 7th & 8th Grade Scholars


  • Daily:  Exit Tickets
  • Weekly: Quizzes, Performance Tasks, Test (formative)
  • Benchmark/Growth:  Interim, Performance Assessment, MAP, PARCC

Academic Supports and Extra Help

  • SMART Saturdays
    Paul SMART (Studying Math and Reading Together) Saturday program is an academic intervention and test preparation program for scholars attending Paul PCS Middle School.
  • Resource Center & Tutoring
    Our afterschool program that provides scholars additional help with skills and concepts taught in our four content areas.

Academic Interventions

  • Read 180-  Reading Intervention Program that supports scholars who read at least two years below grade level
  • Wilson Reading – Reading intervention program that focus on extending foundational learning skills to scholars who have missed learning in the area of phonological decoding and application.
  • Math 180 – Math Intervention Program that supports struggling mathematicians build confidence and and competence in mathematics.
  • NTN Math – Math instructional strategies that help build mathematical concepts and build on mathematical connections.

How can we create a routine that helps students get to class on time, stay focused, and monitor their daily progress?

  • Nighttime routines really matter!
    • Set an alarm
    • Determine a weeknight bed time
    • Limit screen time before bed
    • Set out scholars uniform the night before
    • Wake up at least one hour before the start of class
  • Set cell phone reminders to text, call or check in on your scholar at least twice per day
    • Particularly after lunch time breaks!
  • Wrap up each evening by asking things like:
    • “What did you do today?”
    • “What work did you complete?”
    • “Did you submit your assignments on Google Classroom”
    • “What still needs to be done to stay on track?”
  • Wrap up each week by checking PowerSchool to track your students progress










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