First Year @ Paul PCS

MIDDLETON PAUL PREP & NINTH GRADE ACADEMY: 6th and 9th Grade Bridge Programming

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6th Grade Leadership
9th Grade Leadership
Mental Health Help with the First Year Transition
Student Behavior (6th grade)
Student Behavior (9th grade)

Paul’s newly restructured Cecile Middleton Academies provide a nurturing and supportive environment for its sixth (6) and ninth (9) grade scholars. The Cecile Middleton Paul Prep Program supports the transition to middle school for Paul’s youngest scholars. The sixth-grade instructional team develops grade-appropriate incentives and activities to ensure a successful sixth-grade year, while intensely addressing student-specific academic needs. Paul Prep motivates, supports, and encourages scholars to begin middle school prepared and creates a space for them to thrive immediately. After completing a year in Paul Prep, Paul Middle School Scholars engage in programming that is structured to allow them to exercise more independence and to develop a sense of empowerment in preparation for Paul International High School.

After the middle school grades, Paul PCS Scholars matriculate and flourish in our Cecile Middleton Ninth Grade Academy, the freshmen component of the Paul International High School that has an intensified focus on college readiness and preparation. Freshmen students engage in their Global Studies courses, which have a dual purpose of preparing scholars with organizational and management skills necessary to succeed in high school and engaging them in exploring global issues that impact their lives and communities. Throughout the year students are involved in community and relationship building with their peers, they engage in activities to earn community service hours, and they learn critical research skills in preparation for their senior year. Their senior year studies allows students to demonstrate research, writing and speaking skills necessary for success in college and beyond. As a result of participation in the Cecile Middleton Ninth Grade Academy, scholars establish a strong foundation for critical thinking and writing that ensures they will be ready to compete and thrive in college and in the world.