English Language Learners (ELL)


We provide a strong English Language Learner program, which is designed to help English Learners (ELs/ELLs) develop the linguistic, cognitive, cultural, and self-concept skills to successfully participate in the academic and social experiences at Paul PCS. We offer quality instructional language assistance that ensures all students are fully engaged in our programming and held to the same high standards. All students at Paul matter. These students just happen to learn the English language as they’re learning other subjects in English. It is crucial that we do our best to prepare them for college, career, and life and set them up for future success!

ELs are a diverse group of students, with different language, academic, and social-emotional needs. Students who speak the same language or have similar levels of language proficiency may need very different kinds of support to succeed in the classroom.

An ELL is defined as anyone who does not learn English as their first and primary language. According to the National Education Association, ELL learners are the fastest growing student population. It’s estimated that roughly one-fourth of all students in public school by 2025 will be ELLs.

The most common native languages that ELL children speak include: Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Somali, Russian, Haitian, and Hmong. While some students may speak English on a basic level, these students need extra help in learning English academically.

Paul also offers above and beyond, comprehensive intervention services that address all levels of student need. We implement Read and Math 180 for scholars who need additional support to master grade level standards, and we also provide multiple wraparound services to provide students with critical academic and social-emotional support, including foster care and homelessness.

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