Covid-19 Policies

Protocols and Information

Our Covid-19 polices offer opportunities for learning for all students, no matter their health status; we have written Covid operations procedures that will keep our scholars safe. We explore the world together, but safety is key. Learn more about our procedures below and how they serve  our school.

  • All scholars and staff are required to wear mask throughout the school day.
  • Scholars will have the opportunity to have mask breaks throughout the day.
  • If a scholar enters the building with Covid symptoms, the scholars will be moved to our isolation room. A parent/guardian will contacted immediately and will required to pick the child.
  • When the school is notified of a Covid case, parents/families will be notified immediately.

The hard working and conscientious Operations team and custodians have spent the entire summer thoroughly cleaning the facilities, and implementing top-notch safety and security policies for the continued prevention of Covid-19. As of August 2021, over 80% of our staff have been vaccinated, and the remaining staff will be obligated to get vaccinated by September 1st or submit weekly documentation of a negative COVID test result. Please take note of the following structures that are in place that are in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and DC’s Department of Health (DC Health); these measures are a high level overview:

Building Safety 

  • Each classroom and office has been outfitted with HEPA/MERV-13 filtration devices that completely clean classroom air more than hourly, as well as disinfectant for teachers to perform additional cleaning throughout the day as needed.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at all building entrances and at the doorway to every classroom and office for easy access and frequent use.
  • Teachers will ensure scholars wipe down all materials daily prior to returning to storage spaces.
  • Nightly, each room is cleaned and sanitized with chemicals recommended by the CDC.

Entry Into the Building

Parents, it is your responsibility, daily, to ensure that your student feels well and has not had any known risk of COVID exposure before you s/he comes to school. Students who exhibit symptoms of COVID or may have been exposed to someone with COVID should not attend in person. Temporary virtual options will be available through the school.

  • Everyone will enter through designated entrances with enforced socially distance lines.
  • Students who show signs of COVID at any point in the day, or who communicate they may have been exposed to COVID, will be moved to a designated isolation area to be picked up and taken home immediately. This student may not return until s/he has produced a record of a negative COVID test or has experienced a 10-day period without COVID symptoms. Parents/guardians will be contacted and can give written permission for scholars to safely travel home or can immediately pick the student up from school.
  • A designated quarantine area is defined as a room or space that is safe and set aside from any interaction with other students. One adult will be present with the scholar and will remain socially distant while providing supervision.


  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily, free of charge, to all students. Masks may only be removed while eating or drinking, but should remain over the mouth and nose while chewing.
  • Students are allowed to bring food to be consumed at breakfast or lunch. This food will be kept with them at all times.
  • Microwaves are not available for students.
  • Students will be given wipes to clean surfaces after their meal/snack.


  • Scholars who are traveling on public transportation are expected to abide by DC Health and WMATA safety regulations, mask mandates, and social distancing protocols to and from school. Eligible scholars can receive “Kids Ride Free” Metro transportation services provided by OSSE’s DoT.
  • Safety guidelines and expectations for OSSE’s transportation services can be found on their website.

Communications Regarding Exposure Risk that Occurs at Paul

In the instance that an exposure occurs at Paul, you can expect the following communication:

  • Within 24-hours of Paul Staff learning of the exposure, Paul will conduct thorough contact tracing to determine all who were at risk of exposure.
  • All who were deemed to be at exposure risk will be notified immediately via text, with a follow-up letter forthcoming.
  • All who are deemed to be at risk of exposure should quarantine for 10 days from the date of exposure, which will be shared in the communique.
  • If your child has been vaccinated, and is not exhibiting COVID symptoms, your child does not need to quarantine and may return to school (proper documentation of vaccination status will be required prior to return).
  • Quarantining scholars will be required to attend classes virtually until their quarantine period is complete.

It is essential that you and your child are fully informed regarding our building standards for a safe and productive school year. Your commitment to ensuring that Paul Public Charter School and Paul International High School remain a healthful celebrated and successful school are vital to the Paul Way of life. If you have any questions about our rules and expectations, please contact your school leader directly.

  • MIDDLE SCHOOL Ms. Walker ( (Grades 6-8)

  • PIHS LOWER ACADEMY Mr. Irvin ( (Grades 9-10)

  • PIHS UPPER ACADEMY  Ms. Bacchus ( (Grades 11-12)