Academics at PPCS MS

Scholars thrive when provided the opportunity to engage in meaningful lessons that enhance their understanding and deepens their critical thinking abilities. At Paul, we develop responsible citizens, independent thinkers, and leaders through our academic programming.  

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20-21 Paul MS Course Catalog

College Curriculum
  • ELA, Math (*Algebra I)
  • Science (*Biology)
  • Social Studies

Career Curriculum
  • Electives:  Performing Arts, STEM, P.E., Art, Drumming, World Language,*Spanish
  • Interventions:  Read 180, Math 180, NTN Math, Just Words, English Immersion (EL)
  • Honors Classes for 7th Grade & Honors Art for 7th & 8th Grade Scholars

  • Daily:  Exit Tickets
  • Weekly: Quizzes, Performance Tasks, Test (formative)
  • Benchmark/Growth:  Interim, Performance Assessment, MAP, PARCC

Academic Interventions

Read 180:

Reading Intervention Program that supports scholars who read at least two years below grade level

Wilson Reading:

Reading intervention program that focuses on extending foundational learning skills to scholars who have missed learning in the area of phonological decoding and application

Math 180:

Math Intervention Program that supports struggling mathematicians build confidence and competence in mathematics 

NTN Math:

Math instructional strategies that help build mathematical concepts and build on mathematical connections

Extended Learning

Contact Valerie Lewis-Taylor ( or Brittne Jacobs ( for more information.

Smart Saturday

Paul SMART (Studying Math and Reading Together) Saturday program is an academic intervention and test preparation program for scholars attending Paul PCS Middle School. 

Resource Center (Homework/Tutoring Support) 

Our afterschool program that provides scholars additional help with skills and concepts taught in our four content areas. 

Enrichment Courses & Activities:
  • HS credit bearing courses for 8th grade scholars
  • Provide 7th and 8th grade scholars honors courses
  • One World Creative Writing Program
  • Essay Contests
  • Diversity of History (course that allows scholars to learn history from the lense of minorities)
  • Mentor groups: Paul Pearls and My Brother’s Keeper









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