Paul Public Charter School Staff List

School Year 2019 – 2020

Name Title Email
Addis, Tanner MS EL Teacher
Adjei, Elena HS Science Teacher
Alexander, Carolyn HS Sped Teacher
Allen, Cassandra HS Music Teacher
Alukpe, Victoria HS Special Education Teacher
Bacchus, Lanette MS Head of School
Bartelle, Shawanda MS Student Advocate
Begum, Rema HS Special Education Teacher
Bellamy, Justin HS Dance and Theater Teacher
Benavides, Kimberly HS Special Education Teacher
Bennett, Gabi MS EL Teacher
Biaou, Lynda HS French Teacher
Branch, Marques MS Health & PE Teacher
Briggs, Nakia HS Social Studies Teacher
Brooks, Manisha HS Special Education Teacher
Brooks, Marco MS English Teacher
Brown, Jene MS Math Intervention Teacher
Bundy, Monya Executive Operations Coordinator
Cameron, Sierra HS Special Education Teacher
Cabell, Jared HS Social Studies Teacher
Carlo, Iris Registrar
Cervera, Pamela MS Spanish Teacher
Choi, Jane MS English Teacher
Christian, Joshua MS Math Teacher
Coleman II, Calvin HS Art Teacher
Collins, Sabrina HS Social Studies Teacher
Davis, Bess English Instructional Specialist
Davis, Courtney HS Math Teacher
Deckard, Paul MS Math Teacher
Domestici, Alessandra HS EL Teacher
Doppelheuer, Katie MS Counselor
Earle, Caitlin MS Special Education Teacher
Edwards, Arcinda HS Social Studies Teacher
Flora, Susan College Readiness and Data Manager
Froehlich, Robin MS Special Education Coordinator
Freeman, Dwight HS Assistant Principal
Garza, Risa Marketing & Communications Manager
Gatling, Ann-Fatima HS Spanish Teacher
Gaudet, Jazmine HS English Teacher
Gelmi, Gustavo HS Spanish Teacher
Gonzalez, Leandra EL Coordinator
Harrison, Crystal MS Art Teacher
Hartmann, Brandon HS EL Teacher
Hawkins, Steffanie HS Dean of Academics & Compliance
Hayes, Latrail HS Counselor
Henderson, William Director of Operations
Hendje, Achille MS Math Teacher
Herring, Bruce Math Instructional Specialist
Hines, A’Liah HS Math Teacher
Hines, Jerrod HS Assistant Principal
Hopkins, Brittany HS Social Studies Teacher
Jenkins, Germaine MS Special Education Teacher
Hyde, Lamar IT Manager
Ikematsu, Mahko MS SPED Teacher
Jackson, Tuwanda HS Counselor
James, Blaine HS Global Citizenship Teacher
Jaramillo, David MS Social Studies Teacher
Jones, Christopher HS Assistant Dean of Students
Jones, Erik SPED Instructional Specialist
Jones, Jamilah HS Counselor
Jordan, Jade HS Spanish Teacher
Kalu, Chiamaka HS Assistant Dean of Students
Kim, Kyong H Building Maintenance Manager
Kohn, Dan Social Studies Instructional Specialist
Koss, Kimberly HS Math Teacher
Lane, Whitney Science Instructional Specialist
Lewis-Taylor, Valerie Outreach and Programming Manager
Long, Linda J. Attendance Counselor
Marchica, Louise HS EL Teacher
Matthews, Akida HS Science Teacher
McBeth, Nilaja MS Science Teacher
McNeill, Tyana HS Science Teacher
Merkerson, Pamela Director of Talent Management (HR)
Moore, Malari (Baba M) MS Music Teacher
Moseh, Priscilla MS Science Teacher
Mosley, Catherine HS English Teacher
Nealey, Janee HS Science Teacher
Neely Walters, Renee School Psychologist
Norton, Adele MS Social Studies Teacher
Nurse Nurse
O’Donnell Davis, Caitlin HS English Teacher
Parambath, Elizabeth HS English Intervention Teacher
Peters, Maria MS Science Teacher
Phillips, LLoyd MS Health & PE Teacher
Pimentel, Mireille HS Math Teacher
Pope, Ebony MS Special Education Teacher
Quick, Asia HS Science Teacher
Ragin, Rosemarie Director of Student Support Services
Reddick, Kimberly MS SP-EL Teacher
Reyes, Edwin IT Associate
Robinson, Anecca Assistant Director of Academics & Programming
Rooks, Nyquan MS Special Education Teacher
Roper, Shatarah HS Science Teacher
Saba, Hamzat HS SAT Teacher/Athletic Director
Samson, Aireen HS Student Support Coordinator
Sanabria, Patricia HS Special Education Teacher
Scopelliti, Kristin HS Mental Health Clinician
Shaw, Charlie HS Math Teacher
Shields, Darees HS Math Teacher
Shifflett, Ashley MS English Teacher
Slopadoe, Gbenimah Compliance Officer
Smith, Ahmad HS Health & PE Teacher
Sorto, Brenda Main Office Receptionist
Spann, Charlotte Director of Schools
Stanton, Jennifer MS Social Studies Teacher
Sturdivant, Mark MS Assistant Principal of Culture
Stevenson, Lawnna HS Math Teacher
Talib, Sharif MS Math Teacher
Tran, Trina Talent & Special Projects Manager
Turner, Guye HS Principal
Waithe-Benton, Allison MS Elective Teacher
Walker, Shendrina MS Principal
Wetherby, Jessie HS EL Teacher
Williams, Jolanda Front Desk Receptionist
Williams, Melvin Day Porter
Williams, Schuyler HS Social Worker
Williams, Zipporah HS ELA Teacher
Wood, Nicole HS Reading Intervention Teacher
Woodson, Eugenia MS Reading Intervention Teacher
Wright, Tracy Chief Executive Officer
Yarbrough, Shalima HS Assistant Principal










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