About Paul Public Charter

Our Legacy

Paul’s rooftop steeple is a neighborhood beacon, a symbol of welcome to the diverse students from across the District of Columbia who seek a program offering academic rigor in a character-building culture. Named after a pioneering DC educator, Edward Paul, and operating as a DC Public School since 1930, Paul PCS has a strong tradition of academic excellence and community involvement.

Our challenge to students who enroll is this: reach beyond expectations. Regardless of background, this is where your legacy begins. Ample resources, rigorous curriculum and unwavering support build our scholars’ enlightened worldviews and their foundation to achieve without limits.

Our Founder

Paul Public Charter School is the legacy of Cecile Middleton, an educational pioneer who saw in its walls, a school where students grow in both knowledge and character and are prepared to lead lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

Her passion forged a home for young minds to focus on modern, diversified academics, serving the community. Each year, with a new generation of M.E.R.I.T scholars—motivated, education, responsible, independent thinkers – leaves Paul PCS well-rounded and positioned for success.

As a trailblazer in education for decades in the city, Ms. Middleton spent her final chapter at Paul and ensured that Paul scholars were given an opportunity to excel beyond expectations. Although she passed in 2008, Ms. Middleton left a legacy of excellence, as Paul continues to provide its scholars with an exceptional education.

Our School

At Paul Charter, students are provided with numerous opportunities to enhance their learning experience — socially, spiritually, and physically —all within the embrace of a caring and engaged faculty. Located on a vibrant campus in the heart of the nation’s capital, Paul PCS provides students with abundant opportunities for intellectual exploration within a diverse and supportive learning community.

From dance classes with Alvin Ailey and Kennedy Center, the excitement of Paul Pirates athletic programs, cross-cultural initiatives, and international travel, when you enter Paul PCS, you begin a journey that will set you on a path towards creating a legacy that will exceed beyond your expectations.

Our Vision

Just like a family, we believe in creating the ideal conditions for our children to thrive. We maintain Cecile R. Middleton’s commitment to individualized education. We challenge and inspire independent thinkers in a place that’s safe from distraction and embrace our scholars with unconditional support.

The Family Way.









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