Interim Testing

Math and ELA interims for both Paul Middle and Paul International High School in grades 6-10 start on Monday, May 18th, and continue through Thursday, May 21st with makeup testing on Friday, May 22nd. Interim assessments provide valuable information about your scholar’s progress in key content areas. Testing results help teachers support your scholar’s continued growth in reading and mathematics. Additionally, teachers and leaders will use the results to determine additional supports that might be needed at the beginning of SY20-21 to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on student learning and to gauge class placements next year in intervention, AP, or enrichment courses.

To prepare your scholar for the interim assessment, follow these tips:

1) ensure they get a good night’s sleep;
2) support them with identifying a quiet testing environment;
3) offer encouragement and remind them to just do their best;
4) and if possible, offer a snack during breaks.


High School

Monday 05/18 – Periods 1 & 2

Tuesday 05/19 – Periods 3 & 4

Wednesday 05/20 – Periods 5 & 6

Thursday 05/21 – Period 7

Friday 05/22 – ELA & Math makeup

Middle School

Monday 05/18 – Classes for Blocks 1-4

Tuesday 05/19 – Classes for Blocks 5-7

Wednesday 05/20 – ELA Interims

Thursday 05/21 – Math Interims

Friday 05/22 – ELA & Math makeup

Technical Support

Also, scholars will need access to a computer and wifi on the day of testing. For technical support, contact the Paul call center at (202) 378-2269 between 8:00 am and 12:30 pm or complete this request form for support outside of these hours. Technical support includes help with any problems related to Paul-issued Chromebooks or personal devices used for learning.