Midterm Testing

Midterms for both Paul Middle and Paul International High School start on Wednesday, October 16th and continue through Friday, October 18th. The following is a the schedule for testing and information for preparing your scholar:

Middle School

Interim Assessments

Wednesday 10/16 – ELA Interim Assessments 8:55 to 10:55am

Friday 10/18 – Math Interim Assessments 8:55 to 10:55am

Scholars will have two hours to complete assessments and will be dismissed at the regular time of 3:30pm. Assessment results will be provided by October 23rd.

High School


Wednesday 10/16 – PSAT/SAT Testing 8:30am

The PSAT and SATs are college entrance exams which provide important information on academic strengths and areas for growth. Income-eligible PSAT/SAT-takers receive college application fee waivers. Both assessments also provide access to scholarships such as through the National Merit Scholarship Program.

All scholars must arrive by 8:30am; any students who arrive late will not be permitted to take the test. Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm.

Testing results will be available online in December. Scholars should sign up for a college board account.

Interim Assessments

Thursday 10/17 – Math Interim Assessments 8:15 to 10:30am

Friday 10/18 – ELA Interim Assessments 8:15 to 10:30am

Interim assessments provide valuable information about your scholar’s progress in key content areas. Testing results help your scholar’s teachers support their continued growth.

Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm and can expect assessment results by October 23rd.

Supporting Your Scholar’s Achievement

You can help support your scholar’s achievement during interim testing by:

  • helping them review content including flashcards, class notes, and practice problems
  • ensuring your scholar gets a good night’s rest the night before
  • providing a well-balanced breakfast on the day of testing or encouraging them to eat breakfast at school
  • reviewing test results with your scholar to develop an understanding of their progress and areas for growth