Pioneering Through Paul

This summer, our rising senior scholars will embark on an exciting journey in cultural engagement and learning in Panama! The Paul International Studies Program continues its work in cultivating global academics and international enrichment.

This opportunity fosters the global competencies of a global citizen inclusive of exposure to new cultural experiences, a first-hand expanded view on world perspective, integration of new language acquisition, and the promotion of global charity and civic service.

When I travel to Panama, I expect to live this experience as if I am a part of the culture and the community… not just to observe. ~ LaDaveon

Based on our scholar-first, college-readiness mission each pioneer will incorporate these travel experiences in their college resumes, exemplifying them as well-rounded scholars ready for university life and beyond!

Your gift in sponsoring one of our scholars for this trip gives them an opportunity to create their own unique stories and pursue their own path of transformation through impactful world community experience.

We have a collective goal of raising $15,400.00 in donor contributions that will support the travel of each of our 11 participating scholars to Panama!

Gifts in support of our pioneers ensure that we serve more scholars, preparing them for their awakening into becoming global citizens.

We are excited to provide this platform for our scholars and are even more excited about creating ground-breaking, life-long memories and experiences!

We need your support! Visit us HERE to make your gift TODAY, in support of a scholar’s trip!

Let’s show the world how we are all Pioneering Through Paul!