When it comes to choosing a school for your child, we know parents are faced with a myriad of choices: public, private or charter. At Paul Public Charter School, we feel that we provide students with a unique opportunity to excel both in and outside the classroom. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Paul Charter School.

1. Individualized Curriculum and Services 

At Paul Public Charter School, we recognize that all scholars are unique. With all scholars being unique, we understand that there are various learning styles that children may need to engage with to achieve their academic goals – that is job #1 at Paul Public Charter School. With a world class teaching staff that hold various advanced degrees, your scholar will engage with teachers who are up to date with the latest learning techniques to make sure your scholar receives a quality education. After school tutoring is offered daily and additional lunch time homework support is available throughout the week.



2. Our High School Pirates Go to College 

Paul Public Charter School can proudly boost that our high school students get accepted to college and receive scholarships. Our college and career ready specialist are here to help your scholar at Paul find the right college for them to advance their education and with the necessary financial aid. Over 90% of our high school seniors have been accepted to college with the over half of them receiving various scholarships.

3. Our Middle School is BOLD and knocking it out of the PARCC  

Paul Public Charter Middle School has been recognized as a DC Bold Performance School. Bold Performance School have proficiency rates were an average of 9.1 percentage points better than other Bold-eligible schools, and their 2022 PARCC 4+ proficiency rates were 2.6 percentage points better. These major milestones are a direct connection to how dedicated our staff is to academic achievement and dedication to make sure that scholars receive a high quality education daily. 

4. Strong Leadership 

Our academy directors, Brad Irvin (High School Academy Director) and Shendrina Walker (Middle School Academy Director) have over 25 years in education. They have both served as teachers and understand what it takes to build out a staff that is highly talented, imaginative, and steadfast to educational practices to uplift scholars no mater what their ability. Paul believes that every child can learn and has the right to have their academic dreams comes true. Under the leadership of our CEO, Dr. White, Paul is ready to lead our school community to even more success in the coming years.

5. Extended Day at Paul 

At Paul, learning does not stop once the school day is over. Extended Day is one of the favorite elements to the Paul experience for our scholars. Outside of a variety of athletics that Paul scholars can participate in on the middle school, junior varsity, and varsity level – there are special interest clubs were scholars have an array of skills they can learn after school taught by Paul staff. From our cooking club, Esports, music production, and Student Government Association, Paul is in the business of building the well rounded scholars even when the school day is done.

Ready to join the Paul family? Email us at enrollment@paulcharter.org to apply today.