To be enrolled in any DC public school, a parent/primary caregiver must show original documents as proof of DC residency for each student assigned to or wishing to attend a traditional public or public charter school in the District. A completed DC Residency Verification Form must be completed to determine residency.

One of the following items is accepted to establish DC residency:

  • A pay stub with your name, address and DC taxes withheld;
  • Supplemental Security Income annual benefits notification;
  • A copy of Form D40 certified by the DC Office of Tax and Revenue;
  • Military Housing Order;
  • An embassy letter;
  • Proof that a child is a ward of the District of Columbia, in the form of a Court Order; and
  • Proof of financial assistance from the DC Government, in the form of either a:
  1. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) verification of income notice or recertification approval letter;
  2. Medicaid approval letter or recertification letter;
  3. Housing assistance letter from a housing shelter, including contact name and phone number or a letter from the Housing Authority; or
  4. Proof of receipt of financial assistance from another DC Government program.

If none of the above items are available to verify residency, two of the following items are required:

  • Unexpired DC motor vehicle registration;
  • Unexpired lease or rental agreement with proof of payment;
  • Unexpired DC motor vehicle operator’s permit or other official non-driver identification; and
  • One utility bill (only gas, electric and water bills acceptable with separate proof of payment).
  • Credits on bills are no longer accepted.

In determining residency, OSSE may require additional documentation. A list of documents families may be asked to supply to verify residency status beyond those outlined above include: