Why International Studies Matter

At Paul Public Charter School, we recognize the importance of International Studies as a part of a complete curriculum that is designed to develop students into participants in the improvement of our global community.

The Paul International Studies program uses a Global Academic Curriculum alongside International Enrichment activities to give students a meaningful and life-changing experience with other cultures. The result is a powerful, life-changing experience that gives students a broader perspective of the world, and the confidence to know that they can be a part of making the world a better place.

The Paul International Studies Curriculum uses the S.A.G.E. model to shape the student experience:

  • Student Choice – By giving student choices about what they study and how they study it, we ensure that students have ownership and feel a connection with their experience.
  • Authentic Work – We also believe that students should do real work on real projects. By making sure that students know that they are working on real work, we ensure that they have an opportunity to make a real impact in the world.
  • Global Significance – The work of the students in the International Studies program has significance on a global level. Improving life for someone who might live on the other side of the globe changes students’ perspective on the world and others.
  • Exhibition – As the final step in the International Curriculum we require that students share their work to a real-world audience.

The result of this curriculum and experience is improvement in the students’ mastery of what we call the Four Domains of Global Competence. These are the four ares in which we desire to see students change and improve as a result of their International Studies experience.

  • Investigate the World: Through this experience, students will experience the world beyond their immediate environment, perhaps for the first time. They will see other cultures, new ways of living, and see that despite these differences people around the world all share common traits of humanity.
  • Recognize Perspectives: Students will learn to recognize others’ perspectives, their own perspective, and understand the differences and the reasons for those differences. Developing an understanding of one’s own perspective and how it differs from others is a key component in being a mature, productive member of society.
  • Communicate Ideas: Students in the International Studies program undertake guided and evaluative experiences in communicating important ideas to others, building consensus in a group, and working collaboratively.
  • Take Action: By finishing their international learning experience with real action, students have the opportunity to see their ideas take shape. Learners play an active role in trying to make their own creations work the way they planned, and they are responsible for the success or failure of their own ideas.

At Paul, we go to great lengths to provide students with an education that helps them become effective participants in a global community, with an awareness of the needs and perspectives of those they encounter and the confidence and creativity to develop real solutions to problems, and our International Studies Curriculum is a big part of that work.