Paul PCS Community Service Requirement

A Legacy of Service

Each Paul PCS high school scholar is responsible for managing compliance with the community service requirement, including selecting an eligible activity; identifying an on-site supervisor; tracking and documenting all hours spent performing the suitable action; and submitting all required documentation to the School to satisfy graduation requirements.

Many young people enjoy volunteering at places where they have already received services. For example, a young person might coach a youth basketball team that they participated on in elementary school. If a student is particularly interested in an issue, they can pursue volunteering in that area.

For example, an environmentalist might volunteer with the Anacostia Watershed Society doing clean up work. Some young people have very personal causes such as a diabetic who was a volunteer spokesperson for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Some places to get ideas and contacts include:

Student Responsibilities

Paul PCS scholars are expected to comply with the District of Columbia Board of Education community service requirement for graduation from high school. In addition, all Paul PCS student must follow the codes of conduct required by the organization for which they volunteer to work and to meet the expectations of their on-site supervisors.

Students are responsible for:

Selecting an eligible activity

Identifying an on-site supervisor

Tracking, documenting and fulfilling their community service hours
Submitting all required documention

Forms mus be filled out completely before turning them in

It is the student responsibility, not the Site Supervisor responsibility, to submit the documentation to the school.

Students are encouraged to turn in the forms as they complete them instead of all at one time. This way the school is aware of their process towards meeting this requirement and reduces the chances of all documentation being lost.

Keeping copies of all documentation related to the community

Community Service Requirement Guidelines

To count towards the graduation requirement, community services hours:

May not result in monetary compensation.

May not be granted during the school day unless the principal authorizes a school service day.

Must be completed under the supervision of an adult at the agency, group or organization. This on-site supervisor must be identified and is responsible for verifying the student hours and providing on-the-spot guidance for the service activities. The on-site supervisor may not be the student’s parent or close relative.

Must accrue no earlier than the start of high school. This includes the summer before 9th grade.

All service hours are advised to be completed through a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization or a federal, state, or local government agency.

Credit may not be granted if the student is the recipient of the service. For example, the student cannot receive tutoring services and count those hours for community service. However, if the student is providing tutoring services, those hours can be applied toward community service.

Examples of Acceptable Activities

There are a wide variety of activities that may be performed to fulfill the community service requirement. If you are unsure about an action, please contact Mr. Thomas.

The following are examples of acceptable activities:

Tutoring Students

Participating in neighborhood improvement

Making care packages for military personnel

Instructing senior citizens on computer use

Preparing or serving food

Cleaning up rivers or parks

Examples of Unacceptable Activities

Some activities may be “nice to do” but will not be counted toward fulfillment of the community service requirement. The following are examples of events that will not be approved.

Attending a club meeting or event

Babysitting, performing chores, hair styling and/or braiding or dishwashing

Contributing a donation (giving food, clothing, money, etc.)

Performing any activity where a student receives payment

Spending time coming up with or identifying a community service project.

Taking part in any activities organized by the school as part of school-sponsored events such as student government Meeting, campaigns, or general events.

Practicing, playing, or being a member of a marching band, athletic team, choir, or similar organization, membership in honor societies, athletics or choir participation.

Need More Information?

If you need more information or clarification on the community service requirement, please ask Dr. Thomas for assistance